Foraweb is a well-established organisation operating in the software and IT industry. Founded in 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey, our company operates with the principle of providing low-cost and high-performance solutions equipped with the latest technologies to our customers by keeping up with the ever-changing dynamics of technology.

Since our establishment, we have provided custom software development and technology consultancy to our customers in different sectors such as textile, machinery, chemistry and tourism. Customer satisfaction and the success of our business partnerships are the cornerstones of our business.

In addition to our sectoral services, Foraweb has made creative contributions to technology by successfully realising unique projects such as SmartOrderTag and Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us one of the leading companies in the industry.

As Foraweb, we operate in a wide geographical scope in Europe, USA and Turkey. We act with a global vision and aim to create value for our customers across borders.

The professional core staff of our company works with a total of 5 experts, including 3 software developers, 1 web developer and 1 system support engineer. This team of experts aims for perfection in every project.

Foraweb acts with the vision of overcoming the technological challenges of the future. We are committed to providing our customers and business partners with a competitive advantage by utilising the latest technologies. With our collaborative approach and creative solutions, we are happy to share our expertise in successfully leading your digital transformation process.

Foraweb Logo
Sails are up!

Fora is a word used in both Turkish and nautical terminology. When sailboats set sail on the sea, they say 'Fora' to the shore. We chose this name to set sail together into the vast waters of the digital world. Let's once again sail together towards new horizons